200Hr YA Accredited 
Shakti Yoga Teacher Training 
Venue: Hot Yoga Studio, Sola,  Norway 
June 8 - July 2, 2020

The 200Hr Yoga Alliance Accredited

Shakti Yoga Teacher Training for Women 

is a comprehensive professional training in the principles and practices of Classic Yoga

with a focus on  the cycles and seasons of a Woman's life as she matures,

 addressing the needs of the various stages of the feminine journey:

Menarche and the Menstrual Cycle

Pregnancy (Including pre and post Natal)

Menopause and beyond.

The training  will also support an Awakening of your Feminine Essence and a Celebration of connection  through Daily Live Music, Sacred Dance and Ritual.  It will give you a deep understanding and experience of the benefits of working with the twin principles of Shiva/Shakti and how to work with both of these archetypal energies with sequences for invigorating dynamic  Vinyasa Flow Practice, and also for Yin/Restorative Practice for release of deep inner tensions in the Body/Mind and rebalancing of the Nervous System.

As a Shakti Yoga teacher you will be able to adapt these sequences to suit your own personal practice

and create a teaching practice that suits your own style and the needs of your students.

*NOTE: The first 50 hours of this training will be offered as a standalone

Restorative and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Certification Module

for those wishing to add Continuing Education Hours to their Yoga Alliance Registration.

This Module will be available for both Men and Women, while the remaining 150 hours is exclusively for Women only.

See details below.

The training syllabus covers the 5 Educational Categories required for Yoga Alliance Registration:

1. Yoga Technique including Classic Yoga asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, chanting, mantra, meditation and other traditional yoga techniques

2. Teaching Methodology including communication skills, group dynamics,

time management and the establishment of priorities and boundaries;

how to address the specific needs of individuals within a class context;

the Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting; different teacher styles and qualities;

and also the business aspects of being a professional yoga teacher.

3. Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga practice,

with added emphasis on Women's bodies and their key structural, hormonal and emotional / psychological changes.

especially with regard to pelvic health and wellbeing.

4. Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

including the study of traditional texts and the precepts of Ahimsa (nonviolence), Dharma and Karma.

5. Practicum including practice teaching within the class and how to assist while others teach.

By the end of the training you will have the confidence to teach yoga in various studio and community settings

and support Women's longterm Health and Empowerment.

Fees: Fees 2,400 Euro

Included in your fees:

200 Hours tuition, including personal study and practicum

Your comprehensive Training Manual 

All assessments and feedback on your practical demonstrations of proficiency

Your personal Certificate as a professionally trained and fully qualified Yoga Teacher

Access to ongoing feedback and support within the Shakti Yoga Tribe

This will be the training

of your dreams,

whether you intend to become

a professional yoga teacher

or simply immerse yourself into the

Healing Power of the Divine Feminine

Elana de Veaux  MA Cultural Psych, dip Counselling, Senior Yoga Teacher YA500  is an inspirational teacher with over 30 years of experience facilitating Women’s Empowerment through Yoga, Sacred Dance and the Healing Arts. She will be your guide and mentor through this Transformative Journey of Awakening, supporting you to confidently embody your full potential and step up to your next level of personal, professional and spiritual fulfilment.

Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra 

50 Hour Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits  apply


June 8 - 14, 2020


Venue: Hot Yoga Studio, Sola, Norway

This training provides a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of both Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


Syllabus includes:

Fundamental Asanas and the use of props;

Alternative postures for injuries and those with limited mobility; 

Anatomy and Physiology of Restorative Yoga

with a focus on  the Nervous system;

 Teaching Methodology;

 and Practicum within the class setting. 


Fee: 600Euros

Fee Includes: 50 Hours Tuition, 

 personal study and practicum;

Your comprehensive Training Manual;

All assessments and feedback on your practical demonstrations of proficiency;

Your YA recognised Certificate of Completion