Studio Schedule

Summer Schedule from December 1, 2019

Class Descriptions: 


Outdoor Yoga Fitness: Immersing in the beauty of our natural environment this is a circuit that includes, power walking (jogging for those up for it!) stretches and strength work for improving muscle mass and bone density and getting the endorphins singing!!


Shakti Yoga Morning Flow: An energising and balancing workout specifically designed for women’s healing and awakening. Includes pelvic floor strengthening, barre work and alchemical dance! 


Stretch, Breathe, Relax: Pranayama and Guided Meditation, a blissful experience of being present to feel the flow of life through every cell, deeply nourishing and soothing for the nervous system. This is the union that is the fruit of yoga: satchitananda


Restorative Flow: Gentle, nourishing yoga by candlelight, suitable for all levels and beneficial for recovery from illness or injury as no exertion is required. Restorative Yoga is deeply relaxing and nourishing for the Nervous System, shifting us into Parasympathetic Mode for Rest and Renewal, aiding sleep and healing.


Healing Meditations: Coming into Parasympathetic Nervous System for deep healing and recovery of the Digestive, Immune and Reproductive Systems. Includes Crystal Bowls and Mantra Yoga


Mermaid Yoga at the Beach: Luxuriating in our pristine beach and ocean with specific practices to awaken our inner Mermaid! Lots of fun :)


Bookings are essential for all sessions! as schedule is subject to change.

Call or text me on 0432 851 513 to book your place.

Class Fees: $20 Casual Class / $15 Concession

$50 for 4 Classes Prepaid and taken within 4 weeks

$120 for 12 classes used by  29/2/2020

Traditional Hawaiian Hula

with Anna Carbonell

Experience the authentic teachings of the ancient practice of Sacred Hawaiian Hula. 

Wednesdays 10.30 - 11.30am

 $20 per session or $75 for 4 prepaid.

Call Anna to book in: 0487 958 732

Watch this short clip with Kumu Kawika Alfiche, and featuring Anna and students: